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About SVBA

Single Volunteers of Baltimore & Annapolis (SVBA) is an organization comprised of approximately 1,000 single adults who desire to volunteer their time to meet community needs while having an opportunity to meet other singles of like mind. SVBA is modeled after other highly successful Single Volunteer organizations around the country, including Single Volunteers of DC (SVDC) which has over 8,500 members.

Here are the roles, rules and responsibilities of SVBA members:

Single Volunteer member

  • Members should be 18 years or older
  • Should not be in a committed relationship
  • Willing to volunteer to assist at SVBA's events
  • Sign up for events of interest by email as early as possible
  • Arrive at the event on time and be available to work for the entire scheduled period
  • If you need to cancel, notify the team leader as soon as possible. By signing up for an SVBA event, you are making a commitment to both SVBA and the sponsoring organization. Please don't let either of us down
  • At all times, behave professionally and be courteous to other SVBAers, event sponsors and event participants
  • After an event, provide feedback to SVBA
  • Patterns of late cancellations and/or "no shows" will not be tolerated

Team Leader

  • Serve as the SVBA representative for one single event on one day
  • Have your email address listed on the SVBA web page as the point of contact for the event
  • Answer questions and provide directions to the SVBA volunteers
  • Close the event for sign ups when you have enough volunteers
  • Coordinate the final event details with the sponsoring organization
  • Arrive at the event early and stay for the entire duration of the event
  • Greet and introduce SVBA volunteers to each other as they arrive
  • Optionally use name tags for the volunteers (names can be hard to remember)
  • Try to keep volunteers working as groups to give them an opportunity to socialize
  • Plan an optional social activity (dinner, lunch,...) following the event
  • After the event, complete a team leader report

Event Coordinator

  • Willing to make new contacts with organizations on behalf of SVBA to set up new events
  • Willing to maintain contact with an organization with whom SVBA frequently volunteers
  • Coordinate new event opportunities with the SVBA core members

Core Member

  • Willing to help set SVBA policy and future direction
  • Available to attend most of the monthly SVBA business meetings
  • Subscribe to the SVBA core group mailing list