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Single Volunteers of Baltimore & Annapolis (SVBA) is an organization comprised of approximately 1000 single adults who desire to volunteer their time to meet community needs while having an opportunity to meet other singles of like mind. SVBA is modeled after other highly successful Single Volunteer organizations around the country, including Single Volunteers of DC (SVDC) which has over 7,000 members. We are available to volunteer for your organization for events and activities that, in particular, encourage interaction among our volunteers.

Things to consider when requesting SVBA assistance:

  • Please give SVBA four weeks or more notice of an upcoming event. SVBA will make exceptions to the four week rule, on a case by case basis, but we need enough time to advertise your event to our members.
  • Please suggest ways that SVBA volunteers can work together as a group or groups.
  • Ideally limit the volunteer shift to four hours or less. This gives time for the volunteers to socialize either before or after the event.

Please complete the below form to request our assistance. Someone from SVBA will contact you.

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Thanks, we look forward to working with you at your upcoming event!