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Team Leader Info

Team leaders are always needed for SVBA events. After reviewing the following responsibilities, please consider offering to team lead one of the pending SVBA events listed on the SVBA events page . It is easy, it dosen't take much time and it is really fun.

Team Leader Responsibilities

  • Serve as the SVBA representative for one single event on one day.
  • Have your email address listed on the SVBA web page as the point of contact for the event.
  • Answer questions and provide directions to the SVBA volunteers as they contact you.
  • Compile a list of SVBA volunteers as they sign up for the event. Frequently check your email for new sign-ups, and let volunteers know as soon as you've added them to the volunteer list.
  • Close the event for sign ups when you have enough volunteers.
  • Coordinate the final event details with the sponsoring organization.
  • Arrive at the event early and stay for the entire duration of the event.
  • Greet and introduce SVBA volunteers to each other as they arrive.
  • Optionally use name tags for the volunteers (names can be hard to remember).
  • Try to keep volunteers working as groups to give them an opportunity to socialize.
  • Plan an optional social activity (dinner, lunch,...) following the event.
  • Complete a Team Leader Report after the event.
  • Send out a "Thank You" email to all the volunteers after the event. Include a list of names (first name only) and email addresses of all the volunteers.

Please contact SVBA is you have any questions about Team Leading. Thanks!