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This is the signup page for the Single Volunteers Society of Calgary, Alberta. Before signing up, please read the following:
    * I hereby release the Single Volunteers Society of Calgary (hereinafter "SVCalgary") and its administrators, team leaders, organizers, volunteers, and any other person or persons acting on behalf of SVCalgary from any claims arising from my volunteer work with SVCalgary.
    * I also agree that SVCalgary holds no responsibility for the outcome of any relationship that may or may not form between myself and another person that I might meet through SVCalgary. In accepting a date or otherwise agreeing to meet with another member either within an SVCalgary-sponsored volunteer project or social, or on my own time, I take sole responsibility for any actions that might occur during that date or meeting, and agree to hold SVCalgary free from any liability.
    * I agree not to initiate any claim against SVCalgary resulting from either volunteer, social, or dating activities.
You must agree to the above conditions before signing up. You must also read the information found on the "Who Are We" page and its associated links.
Signup with SVCalgary is via an online form. Some notes about using this form:
1) We would like you to use this signup form because we use similar forms for event signups. This is a good test to see if your computer setup is able to accomplish this.
2) Please fill out all fields marked as "Required". Your signup will not be processed if you do not. We are very concerned about your privacy and are strict about releasing this information. We do not sell this information to other mailing lists or similar organizations.
3) Please enter a valid email address on the form. You must do that in order to receive an email confirmation for your signup. If you do not receive an email confirmation within a few hours, you may have entered an incorrect email address or the signup was not processed for some reason. Please try again. The email address you use should be one that you wish to use for all SVCalgary correspondence and one that you have regular access to.
4) When your signup is submitted, you should be returned to another page on our web site - the "After Signing Up" page. Please follow the instructions on that page in order to complete your signup process.
Click on the link below to fill out the online form or enter the web address into your browser:
If you have any questions or problems with the signup process please email us at
For a non-profit organization, please read about our requirements for volunteer events. If your event meets these requirements, please contact us with the following information:
    * organization,
    * contact name,
    * phone number/email address,
    * some information regarding the event.

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